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Francoeur Law advocates for people with disabilities, including those with food allergies.  The Managing Partner is a nationally known speaker, advocate and author with many years' experience. 


Ensuring equal access for those with food allergies.


Allergic Living Magazine interviews Francoeur Law Office

Francoeur Law Office was recently interviewed by Allergic Living Magazine regarding our clients' suit against the Clubs at Charles River Park.  See article here

Discrimination case filed against The Clubs at Charles River Park

Francoeur Law Office, on behalf of Paul Anthony Campbell, Erin Brazil and their 6 year-old son, has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court against Partners Healthcare Systems which owns the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Clubs at Charles River Park, alleging that Partners violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act and Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination Laws when they failed to allow a family with a child with life-threatening food allergies to re-enroll in their summer pool/cabana program at the Clubs at Charles River Park.

See attached release for details.
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National Academies of Science published its ground-breaking study:


"Finding a Path to Safety in Food Allergy: Assessment of the Global Burden, Causes, Prevention, Management, and Public Policy"

Attorney Francoeur was an adviser to the study committee and her work is cited in the publication. To view a copy, click here.




Francoeur Law proudly announces Laurel Francoeur has been named to's list of Inspiring Food Allergy Bloggers and Authors.


Francoeur Law was proud to sponsor:

AAFA New England Family Concert & Food Allergy EXPO





Francoeur Law Office partnered with the firm of Stein & Vargas to represent Mason Wicks-Lim and Sam Picone-Louro in their discrimination case  against the Young Shakepeare Players' East ("YSPE") drama program. On June 10, 2016, the US Attorney through the Department of Justice issued a letter of finding saying that Young Shakespeare Player's East  was in violation of the ADA and thus discriminated when it refused to have either a staff member or volunteer available at all times to administer epinephrine to a food allergic child, Mason. In addition, it was retaliation and intimidation for YSPE to punish another child for speaking out on behalf of the child with food allergies.
This finding means that children with food allergies can not be refused admission to community programs and the programs must be willing and able to administer epinephrine. 
Download the Letter of Finding  below: 
DOJ Letter of Finding: Wicks-Lim v. Young Shakespeare Players' East
Children's non-profit drama program discriminated against food allergic child by not agreeing to have and administer epinephrine.
YSPE Findings Letter.pdf
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